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Motorcycle Accident Lawyers – King of Prussia and Areas of Chester County

The size, weight, and structure of an automobile, in addition to safety devices such as air bags and seatbelts, provide protection for the people inside. However, motorcyclists are afforded no protection of any kind apart from their clothing and helmet. Because of this, motorcyclists are at a much higher risk of severe bodily injury and death in an accident. At The Mayerson Law Offices P.C., our motorcycle accident lawyers, based in our Chester County-area office near King of Prussia, have the knowledge and experience that are vital to building a strong, successful case and achieving full and just compensation. Please contact our law practice today to arrange a consultation with one of our attorneys if you are a motorcyclist who has suffered injuries in an accident caused by a negligent driver.

How Motorcycle Accidents Occur
Motorcycle Accident Injuries

How Motorcycle Accidents Occur

The motorcycle accident lawyers at our Chester County practice, located near King of Prussia, understand that every collision occurs under a unique set of circumstances. Due to their many years of investigating and litigating motorcycle accidents, our attorneys possess a deep knowledge of the various reasons motorcycle accidents occur.

Many motorcycle accidents are caused by the recklessness and negligence of other drivers on the road. Drivers who do not obey traffic laws, drive under the influence, or engage in careless driving put motorcyclists at extreme risk for a serious accident.

Other common causes of motorcycle accidents include:

Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Due to the lack of physical protection provided by a motorcycle, motorcyclists are at a much greater risk of serious injuries and death in a motorcycle accident. Drivers and passengers of cars are protected by the weight, size, and structure of the car, but motorcyclists have no such protections. Motorcyclists can sustain either a direct impact with another vehicle and/or traumatic impact with pavement after being thrown off their motorcycle.

A motorcycle accident can cause a variety of injuries, ranging from relatively minor cuts and scrapes to much more serious injuries. Massive head trauma, spinal cord injuries, broken or shattered bones, organ damage, brain damage, other catastrophic injuries, and even death can result from an accident involving a motorcyclist and a car or truck.

Our motorcycle accident lawyers are ready to help King of Prussia and Chester County-area motorcyclists deal with the aftermath of a collision. Contact our practice today to learn more about how we can help you if a negligent driver caused you to suffer injuries in a motorcycle accident.

Contact Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident, the lawyers at the King of Prussia and Chester County-area law firm of The Mayerson Law Offices P.C. are ready to help you. We believe that you deserve complete compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and physical and emotional trauma; our attorneys work diligently to pursue just and full compensation for your suffering. Please schedule a private consultation with our motorcycle accident lawyers to have your case reviewed.

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